A Money Making Marketing Strategy

Mountains of Original Content

Content is King

Metaphors, stories, and easy to read text to understand your product in a straightforward manner.

We do not outsource quality to robots. Your story is unique. What makes you stand out needs to be told in a manner tailored to who you are and the value you take pride in delivering to your customers. We will make that happen.

We will create different versions of each piece of content based on how ready different segments within your target audience are to buy from you.

New Content all the Time

Every week you will have a new article. Every day a new social media post. Your audience will have lots to choose from as we produce white papers, webinars, eBooks, newsletters, videos, and all varieties of content to wow your prospects and leads.

Three Flavors of SEO to Attract the Right People

Bring the most interested people to your website with optimized search engine optimization on three layers.


When someone asks a search engine about something you can do for them, make sure your web pages appear.

We research high traffic keywords to bring in a big audience along with long-tail phrases to attract decisionmakers looking for a specific answer to a problem and are ready to invest in your solution.

On Page Optimization

Your keywords will appear in the right places throughout your page so search engines can clearly identify them and put them in their results pages.

Backlink Strategy

Google was born by organizing the internet based on which sites were linking to a page. To this day, backlinks are a huge part of how well your page will rank on their search results pages. We implement multiple backlink strategies to get your site connected to people interested in you.

Busy Social Media


We will make your posts sing with quality images, good text, stories, hashtags, and mentions to people in your market.


Popular posts will put you, your company, and your products on the map.


Our posts are designed to drive people from the platforms to your landing pages, and ultimately, to your client lists.


Stories, statistics, quotes, humor, and narratives all make for interesting social media content.

Prospecting People who Will be Interested in Your Business

Find the Right Companies

Develop an ongoing list of companies best suited to be interested in becoming your next customer. Determine the best location, company size, annual revenue, industry, and more.

Find the Right People

Once we have the businesses that are most interested, we find the people inside each business who has the job to perform what your product will help them with, and the authority to make purchasing decision.

Never Stop

We don't stop with an initial list. Every time we see a new business, industry, or type of professional that can use your product, we build you an audience of interested buyers.

Generating Quality Leads

A Handshake

We reach out to your prospects with a personalized direct message with value.


social media posts are targeted to your audience.


Consistent engagement with your prospects to stay top of mind and learn about their needs.

Free Gifts

Webinars, White Papers, gated video workshops, eBooks, and other lead generating incentives to learn more about you.


Consistent, but not spammy inquiries to see if they are interested in the material we are sending.

Optimizing Everything Consistently with Analysis and Review

Fast and Flexible

We are always looking for ways to increase your traffic and generate more leads. When we find an opportunity, we take action right away.

Always Analyzing

We conduct weekly, monthly analysis of all campaigns and activities.

Continuous Improvement

Identify weaknesses and look for ways to constantly improve.

Audit Everything

Conduct audit of all content and look for places to repurpose or update pages.

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Fast Results

In a very short amount of time, the people at 300 Marketing Solutions were able to double my traffic, double my following on LinkedIn, create an audience of 500 decionmakers able to buy my product, and reach out to them with stellar articles, banners, and posts.

Doron Farber

CEO of Farber Consulting Group, Inc.

Killer Content

The biggest challenge for our Ethereum product was its complexity. We had to explain what we were doing to venture capitalists and retail investors alike. The writing team at 300 Marketing Solutions was able to explain sophisticated terms in easy to understand metaphors and real life examples.

Tomer Messi

Backed Blockchain Solutions

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